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 Дата: 2006-05-01 20:54:05; Автор:
Hi Sophie,

It is amazing that I've somehow dug up your web site in the ocean of the Internet.

Sorry for Englishm but really it is easier for me to type. I am Russian. Currently, I am graduating from Ivanovo State University with a degree of philologist (Romance and Germanic Philology).

I am interested in Business Correspondence as my thesis deals with it directly. I reasearch commercial e-mail.

I listen to your lecture and I must admit - it's great!!! Though I disagree with you on a couple of things (natural for people of reasearch community, huh?). If you desire to go on developing these things and post them on the web site, we can communicate sometimes. ;)

The information posted is really topical. I love it. It is of significant practical value not only for scholars but also for those who encounter day-to-day business emailing.

If you want I can send you my thesis (shorter version) or any other ideas. I examined and analized over 300 authentic business e-mail and ready to share my ideas.


Again, cool site.


       Дата: 2006-05-02 23:44:57; Автор:
Hi Tim,

I am awfully thankful for your kind words about my enthusiastic beginning. Actually, I was a bit disappointed with total lack of interest and I procrastinate.
I'd love to communicate with you about your research. Though my thesis was about something very different, I am very keen on commercial e-mail and its style. Can you please contact me by e-mail?
Thank you!
P.S. You should sure learn Russian touch typing. Ask me how :))))